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So does Robyn Michele Levy.

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Last night, from the comfort of my home, I was the guest of honour at Books & Friends Book Club in Kelowna, B.C. Started in 1977 by Nancy Crouchman, these literate ladies have stuck together through births, deaths, divorces, marriages and various life experiences. By the time I popped up on their computer screen, dinner was over and they had plenty of questions to ask me: What was involved in finding a publisher? If someone with challenging health issues was considering writing about their personal journey, what would I recommend they do? How have the health professionals featured in my memoir responded to my portrayal of them?  How do I handle negative criticism of my book? Am I planning to write another book? Have I ever considered writing fiction? And most importantly, am I still having “an affair” with my neighbour? All in all, we had a lovely virtual visit and I hope to meet the ladies in person one day!